How To Get Over Depression


In trying to get over depression, it’s important that you take responsibility for your recovery.  An important factor is your willingness and determination to overcome your depression.  You can achieve this by doing whatever it takes – one small step at a time.  It may feel as if you might never get better, but that’s not true.  There is always a lot that you can do to improve things and better yourself.  Feeling discouraged at times may be normal, but this shouldn’t stop you nor put you down.  Keep in mind that you have the power and that there is always something you can do to improve yourself.

If you’re depressed it would be ridiculous to tell you to stay positive all the time. Chances are you’ll mostly be feeling the opposite. The key to moving away from these low feelings is to make decisions with your mind and not your feelings. If you only do what you feel like doing you’re unlikely to break free of depression. Instead you will sometimes have to make yourselves do things that you don’t feel like doing; because you understand that it will help in the long run. For example, you may not feel like getting off the sofa to go for a walk. If you go for a walk anyway, you’ll engage with the outside world and you’ll take in fresh air. Both these things will make you feel slightly different than if you were to stay sitting on the sofa.

As long as you are consistent and patient enough, you will become happier by degrees and surely reach your goal of beating depression.

It’s common for people with depression to expect that their doctor is responsible for getting them better.  This is false thinking, as the solution lies in you.  It is you together with your doctor or therapist, (or whoever you chose to help you) that should work together as a team for your recovery.  You have to cooperate and be a good partner in order to speed up your recovery.  You need to take much more responsibility than the professional helper.  If you give up your responsibility, it is the same as giving up your own power.  Taking responsibility to learning about ways of helping yourself is like making a decision to take back control of your own life.  You may not be able to control everything, but there are always some things that you can control.

The key to success in overcoming depression is to learn about the numerous options you have in helping yourself. Give them a good go and be kind and patient with yourself. If you really commit to your full recovery, you’ll never have to go back to feeling ‘normal’. You’ll have the foundations in place to be much happier and more resourceful than you normally were. 

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