Is Depression Therapy By Phone Effective?


It seems that people are more likely to complete depression therapy by telephone rather than in person. It’s considered as an effective strategy for overcoming some barriers in seeking depression therapy. The reason why most people stop seeking therapy isn't because they don't want to. It's often because of some 'barriers' such as transportation, cost, or lack of time.

In the following video you can learn more about how phone therapy can help with overcoming depression.

how is depression treated - cognitive therapy depression

Psychotherapy or talk therapy is known as one of the most effective therapies used to treat depression. The problem though for some people is the availability of a good therapist in their area. Finding a therapist far from where you live can be challenging. This is even more difficult especially for those who aren't feeling 100% well. As much as they want to seek treatment, it just seems almost impossible to find a therapist nearby.

When you're busy, it might also be hard to find time to visit a face-to-face therapist. It takes time out of your already busy life for you to go to get help. Finding time to fit in your schedule might be hard enough to make you decide to just put off therapy for another day.

Nowadays, it’s a good thing that we can make use of modern gadgets to communicate with anyone easily. With the use of your smart phone, seeking an appointment with a good therapist can be just a 'phone call' away.

Depression Treatment by Phone: Phone Therapy Works - WebMD

People suffering major depression are more likely to get psychotherapy if it's offered by phone, Northwestern University researchers find.

I've found another article for you with more information about how talk therapy made over the phone can help improve depression.

Talk Therapy On Phone Improves Depression

Talking to a psychologist on the phone as therapy for depression may work as well as meeting face-to-face, according to a new study.

Have you ever thought of having your own therapist in your pocket? Doesn't that sound convenient? Some scientists from the Northwestern University School of Medicine are inventing a web-based smart phone that can help treat depression and other mood disorders as well. More inventions include a virtual human therapist, a web-based social network and a medicine bottle that also reminds you to take your medicines.

Learn more about how all these great new inventions are designed to help treat depression.

A Therapist in Your Pocket: Northwestern University News

It’s the future of therapy at a new Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine center where scientists are inventing web-based, mobile and virtual technologies to treat depression and other mood disorders.
Keep in mind that talking about what you're going through is usually really helpful. It helps release some of those unhelpful thoughts, tensions and feelings that you have inside you. It's best to intelligently 'let it out' instead of bottling it all up inside you. There are many ways that you can help yourself overcome depression. If you find it easier to talk to someone on the phone rather in person, then have a good go at it. What's important is that you're able to talk to someone and find the right treatments for you.

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