Are depression symptoms in men, women and children different?


Yes, they may be different. The truth is that no two people of whichever gender or age would have identical experiences of depression. This is probably because each of us sees the world differently. Each person also has their own way of coping and managing their stress levels. Oftentimes, the symptoms of depression may also differ according to one’s personality, physical and mental health condition, as well as a person’s willingness and patience to overcome depression. Men and woman do tend to have different patterns of depression symptoms and how they express them.

It is more common for depressed men to behave in ways that they exert more energy. Men can be more prone to do intense exercise, work harder, get angry, feel agitated and turn to vices such as smoking and taking drugs and alcohol. Men often won't be able to identify themselves as depressed.

Women, on the other hand, are usually noticed to be the opposite. Most women suffering from depression would experience sadness and even lose the energy to do anything. They constantly feel too tired, which makes them unable of engaging in physical activities. They're also known to withdraw themselves from other people.

The usual signs of depression in children would be poor performance in school, lack of interest in playtime and unreasonable crying bouts. Some children may display only a few of the symptoms, while others may also behave rather more severely.
Though there may be different symptoms in each person diagnosed with depression, it's important to acknowledge them and seek appropriate treatment. If left untreated, anyone with depression may have suicidal tendencies or thoughts of harming oneself.

Regardless of the severity of the symptoms, it's essential to know that there are lots of ways that anyone can use in helping themselves feel better and ultimately overcoming depression and low mood.

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