Working with Autism & Eating Disorders ARFID 1 Day

BPS Approved Master-Class

In collaboration with the National Centre for Autism & Mental Health, a stand-alone workshop forming part of the Certificate & Diploma in Autism & Mental Health

The programme

A high number of autistic and neuro-divergent people experience disordered eating patterns, including restricted eating and ARFID.  This one-day online course will take an inside-out approach to understanding how eating disorders may develop and affect the lives of autistic and neurodivergent people.  This will include understanding thinking styles, sensory sensitivities, communication and social interaction differences and preferences, hyperfocus/monotropism, self- regulating/stimulating routines (STIMS), special interests (SPINS) and much more!

This training is delivered by neuro-affirmative trainers.

Trainers:   Jenny Phaure, assisted by Deanne Jade.
Venue:       Via Zoom 4 Hours + 4 hours  access to an online learning platform
Timing :     The live training is from 9am-1pm

Date :          Monday 15th April 2024
Investment:  £130    

More details

Two senior psychotherapists join forces to bring you an inspiring day on how to manage the special needs of the client presenting with autism, ARFID and other disordered eating issues.

You will learn

How eating disorders and disordered eating (e.g. ARFID) show up in people living with neurodiversity

Why people with autism are at high risk of disordered eating, including anorexia, bulimia, binge eating & ARFID

How to use sensory food profiling tools as part of assessment

Strategies and tools to support early detection and assessment

Evidence based treatment approaches that work for people with EDs and neurodiversity

The 5 STRATEGY toolkit for supporting young people and their families with neurodiversity and eating distress

Refeeding in the community do’s and do-nots

Community support for sufferers and families

Who may attend

We prefer you to have experience working with eating disorders and we are happy to discuss your training needs.  Call 0845 838 2040 and leave the rest to us.

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