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A letter from Mark Duguid, Managing Director of Carrier

The travel and hospitality sectors have been some of the worst hit industries during this Covid pandemic. The impact on travel was swift and harsh, with most businesses operating since March without any real revenues and supressed demand inevitable for the foreseeable future.

At Carrier – if it’s possible to have one – we’ve had a ‘good crisis’. Operationally, we coped exceptionally well; our financial stability is assured and our customer-centric refunds policy was even recognised by Which? I think it’s fair to say that our reputation is stronger than ever and that bodes well for the future rebound.

Many organisations talk about their mission and values, but I can say with absolute clarity and sincerity that ours guided us expertly through this crisis. Our team of almost 100 didn’t just cope with significant change and never-ending operational challenges, they were also empowered to deliver truly bespoke solutions to clients. That can only happen at scale with the right culture. I feel that right now the team could withstand anything that is thrown their way.

Our job is not to convince anyone to travel if they’re not ready; we’re here to advise you expertly and honestly. Flexibility, safety and financial security are more critical than ever. We have had clients successfully travelling again since June, to all corners of the world, nimbly navigating new protocols to make it a seamless experience from start to finish. My advice? When you’re ready to think about travelling again, talk to us.

Like many of you, in recent years I have been increasingly looking for more meaning from my trips and that has largely focused on physical health, exercise and nutrition. Lockdown has made me think much deeper and now I find myself a paid-up member of The School of Life, exploring all aspects of my emotional intelligence and analysing my natural skills and relationships.

All of that said, by August my wellbeing needs were incredibly simple: a break away from work and the same four walls. I cannot tell you how much a simple week’s break in Lake Como – the scenery, the culture, the sunshine, the gastronomy – energised me, reignited my passion for travel and gave me the boost I needed to throw myself back into the fray for the second half of this year.

As I remind my team regularly, travel will return and bring joy again. Furthermore, I’m convinced it will come back better than ever – more meaningful, more thoughtful, more human. We’ve learnt a lot during this crisis and it we will make us better travellers too.

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