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Wellness has become a shorthand for self-improvement. But at its core, the concept is about re-discovering the ‘you’ that is already there, beneath the cobwebs of life’s monotonies. Take a tour of Aman’s Wellness Immersions.

The dip of a big toe into a lazy wave; the warmth of a morning sun beam across your cheek; the soundscape of local birds going about their business. The ability of an arrival to fast-track you into a mode best described as ‘out of office’ is a wellness immersion money can’t buy. But as the world has awoken to the need to prioritise our collective physical and emotional wellbeing, we have responded in kind, with offerings designed to dust off the cobwebs that come with a life lived well and return you to the world renewed.

And nobody is delivering wellness quite as well as Aman. Each and every one of the Aman Wellness Immersions is designed with personal transformation in mind. From performing Sun Salutations to the backdrop of the Aravilli Hills in Rajasthan to soaking up the surrounds of the healing sites of Ancient Greece, these uniquely tailored programmes integrate local spa rituals with indigenous ingredients, aiming to uncover and discover a whole new you. Check out of your old self, and into one of these personally curated wellness journeys, designed to re-connect you with you.

Turks & Caicos / Amanyara

MIND: AMAN’s Amanyara is delivering relaxation in the truest sense of the word – amid the surrounds of the coastal idyll of turquoise blues and jade greens; you’ll need new adjectives in order to commit to a postcard. Build on the serenity of the surroundings and nourish your mind with therapies like aquatic bodywork – a warm water massage – and acupuncture that are combined with an energising nutrition programme.

BODY: Therapies like lymphatic drainage and abdominal massages combine with PT-led workouts amid a landscape where moving your body feels more like a privilege than a chore.

SOUL: The soul-soothing powers of nature that have been well documented in literature for millennia are only now getting the scientific stamp of approval. Amanyara is elevating our experience with wildlife via pavilions perched amid an 18,000-acre nature reserve, edged by the ocean, to give you a new perspective to life.

Greece / Amanzoe

MIND: Balanced on a hilltop overlooking the Aegean, every corner of Amanzoe is designed to connect you with the healing traditions of the ancient world, such as Greek mind-body practices that focus entirely on breathing.

BODY: Get closer to the intuitive nature of movement with specialist practitioner Zoe Nash. She specialises in Yin Yoga – a deeply relaxing and restorative practice – and, myofascial release – a physical technique designed to ease tension.

SOUL: Close to the Asclepeion of Epidaurus – one of the most important centres of healing in the ancient world – the wellness offering here is rooted in classic healing. Visitors to the site would spend the night in the complex, hoping for a visit from Asclepius, the doctor-god, who would send them on their personal pathway to health. Amanzoe has transported this tradition into the present to provide you with a deeply personalised programme with a long-lasting impact.

Phuket / Amanpuri

MIND: Gazing out onto the Pacific from the palm tree-lined Amanpuri is the cognitive equivalent of sinking into a warm bath. The resort has meaningful change in mind, be that tackling a specific issue that’s been holding you back, via reiki or cranial sacral therapy, or equipping you with stress-management techniques to take home with you.

BODY: The 48-hour wellness discovery is ideal for those for whom time is scarce. Your bespoke plan will take stock of your current health profile and deliver treatments like colonic hydrotherapy and vitamin infusion therapy alongside fitness training programmes to get you to where you want to be.

SOUL: We all have times when life feels overwhelming. The Life Reset is a unique wellness offering in that it aims to transform you physically, mentally and emotionally based on what you need. As well as dealing with the physical symptoms of stress, you will depart with an alternative outlook; one rooted in energy, enthusiasm and confidence. In short, you, only better.

India / Amanbagh

MIND: If previous attempts to access the cortisol- easing powers of meditation have fallen on anxious ears, the home of Eastern medicine – and the indisputable wellness motherland – provides a backdrop to flex your mindful muscles like no other. Among the tools utilised by Amanbagh are the principles of Panchakarma, or ‘five actions’, to access the emotional obstacles standing in your way.

BODY: From guided sunrise walks in the lush Aravalli Hills to wandering the walkways of the dusty-pink palatial grounds of the resort that stand out against any other in the Rajasthan region, Amanbagh will nurture your spiritual side through every step your foot takes.

SOUL: The 5,000-year-old system of preventative medicine may have found its way into the turmeric lattes of the Western world, but practising Ayurveda in its birthplace is to experience its holistic healing powers as nature intended. Balance your Doshas – the forces that combine to create the physical body – under the tutelage of an in- house Ayurvedic medicine practitioner. Explore a variety of different techniques, from yoga nidra (yogic sleep) to the ancient intention-setting practice of Hawan fire meditation.

Vietnam / Amanoi

MIND: Nestled in the tropical Vinh Hy Bay, in the Nui Chua National Park, the beachside resort of Amanoi delivers tranquillity in abundance. The stillness is tonic for a racing mind, and guided meditation classes and mindful movement practices aim to equip you with the tools to manage your mind long after you leave.

BODY: Amanoi’s Weight Management Immersion is based around the principles of qi, or energy flow – in Eastern philosophy, disruption to qi can lead to weight gain. Alongside an energy-focused solution, this therapy delivers a bespoke nutrition and exercise programme designed to improve metabolism and digestion.

SOUL: The name ‘Amanoi’ is derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘peace’ and the Vietnamese word for ‘place’ – and it is. A few days here will leave you with a permanent sense of inner peace, and encourage profound, meaningful change in lifestyle and outlook.

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