What Is Stress?


Are you confused about what 'stress' really is? So, what is stress? It's important for you to understand about what it is, how stress affect us and what you can do to keep it under control. You might have noticed that whenever you’re burned out, exhausted or sick, some people tell you that you just might be a little ‘too stressed’. It’s also very common to hear people complaining about stress, more stress and even more stress! This video that I’ve found for you aims to give you a clearer understanding about what stress is. It teaches you about some of the many ways you can manage it and know which ones would probably work best for you. 

We might not be able to stop stressful events from coming our way, but dealing with it may not be as difficult as you think. A stressful situation can be turned into an even bigger problem if fueled by your many negative thoughts around the situation. It might be helpful to identify what’s really causing your stress and from there, try to work out things you can do to effectively manage it. The link to the following article talks more about stress and how you can cope with it.

What is stress and how can you cope with it?

"We all experience stress; from the traffic jam in the morning, to being late for a meeting, to having a fight with your spouse or your children etc. Unfortunately, stress is an inevitable part of life, and there is a lot of scientific evidence that too much stress is bad for our health."

stress and depression - how to reduce stress

There may be days when you feel that you just can’t handle stress anymore. It could be that there’s too much on your plate already. This is when the problem arises - when you can no longer control your stress levels. It’s important for you to know just how much stress you can handle. If you learn to understand stress and learn to recognize the symptoms, signs and causes of stress, it will be invaluable in preventing things from getting out of hand. Recognizing the signs earlier can give you time to prevent it from developing into something worse. Know that there is a common link between stress and depression. Too much stress can lead to many different health problems including depression.

Stress Symptoms, Signs & Causes: Effects of Stress Overload

"The signs and symptoms of stress overload can be almost anything. Stress affects the mind, body, and behavior in many ways, and everyone experiences stress differently."

I've found another article for you, where you'll find 14 warning signs for you to watch out for. If you're experiencing any of these symptoms, it could mean that you're already way too stressed. Do something about it - seek help, make an effort at reducing your stress, and just do what it takes to lower your stress levels before it leads to any health problem.

14 WARNING Signs that You're Way Too Stressed

"Like in any medical condition, the starting point towards the resolution of too stressed is symptom recognition."

Understanding about stress is really helpful.  This will help you identify the kind of stress that you could be experiencing. Also, keep an eye on stress management tips. You might want to try something that looks helpful, or better yet have a go at trying more than one of them at the same time to give you a good start. What matters is that you're doing something to help manage your stress levels. Do your best at keeping yourself healthy and stress free!

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