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The promise of exploration...

We all have those big “someday” trips, the bucket list holidays of once in a lifetime experiences and adventures we giddily plan and inevitably put off when life gets in the way. However, if the past year has taught us anything it’s an appreciation for all of life’s moments and those previously cliché throw-away phrases like “carpe diem” don’t have the same levity anymore.

The constant flux of travel has us all on the back foot, both eager to book and cautious of potential cancellations, however this down time is also an opportunity to revisit our travel bucket lists and start planning one of those “someday” trips.

All this daydreaming prompted us to take a trip through the archives and rediscover some of our favourite bucket list experiences. With everything still so uncertain we’re hoping these articles and journeys remind you of the power of travel and leave you feeling inspired and excited for future trips, maybe you’ll even think about ticking off some of those bucket list holiday entries…

Journeys to come

This time last year, deep in the clutches of the first national lockdown we were already thinking about how to sustain the spark of curiosity travel ignites in us all. While ruminating on ways we could concentrate all the emotions and experiences of travel into our homes we also looked forward to the journeys to come when travel finally reopened.

For us these four luxury holidays were light in the unknown, the thrill of up-close wildlife encounters, sleeping under the desert stars, exploring bucket list destinations like Bhutan, and entering the fit-for-fairy-tale rooms of a 12th century Tuscan castle. Its experiences like these that fuel our passion for designing bespoke luxury holidays, those take-your-breath-away moments you remember long after you catch it again.


Around the world

If you’re feeling particularly efficient and wish to tick off multiple bucket list destinations in one holiday, then our Around the World itinerary - featured in this article in the first issue of The Paper - ensures you’ll do so in utmost luxury. A 25-day private jet world tour with stops at legendary sites like Machu Picchu and Easter Island feels the perfect antidote to a year where our homes became our world.

If the whole world feels like quite a commitment but you’re still tempted by the seclusion, service and ease a private jet provides there’s many ways they can integrate into and elevate those shorter bucket list trips. Discover the rugged landscapes and untamed wilderness of the USA’s National Parks or take to the skies above Tanzania’s wildlife-rich parks as a private jet whisks you from one luxurious camp to another.

Once in a lifetime

In our latest issue of The Paper, we explored how a once in a lifetime experience goes beyond simply ticking off your travel bucket list, their impact forever infuses your memories with the magic imbued only in these one-off experiences. And let’s be honest, we could all do with that feeling right about now.

The mention of magic only brings one place to mind: Lapland, more specifically, Lapland at Christmas. An expansive lodge surrounded by mystical snowy forests, Octola is a festive hideaway for kids and grown-ups of all ages. The kind of place where you’ll cosy up under the Aurora Borealis after ploughing through powdery snow on a husky sledding adventure and a personal invitation to Father Christmas’ workshop rests on the mantle.  So much more than a bucket list holiday, this is surrendering to the magic and leaving day-to-day reality behind, just for a little while.

Travel that blows your mind

If you’re still not quite feeling that spark of intrigue, let us introduce you to travel that blows your mind, a comprehensive collection of bucket-list-worthy holidays infused with all the luxuries you’d come to expect from a Carrier holiday.

Sprinkled with Caribbean Island escapes and short-haul sojourns that showcase some of Europe’s finest hotels, experiences, and landscapes. Think of these itineraries as a jumping off point from which to dive into your planning, all of them can be tweaked based on the feelings and memories you wish to bring back from and some may just have you pencilling in another addition to that ever-growing travel bucket list.

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