Childhood Eating Disorders & Obesity

Childhood Eating Disorders & Obesity 3 Day Masterclass

"We are always warning people about the dangers of obesity in children and yet we get anxious when young girls go on diets. How do we get the balance right?"  Presenter Radio 5

Children either refuse to eat or overeat for a variety of reasons. The press is full of warnings about childhood obesity. Weight problems give rise to low self-worth, bullying and failure to thrive both academically and socially. Overweight in youth predicts problems in adult life which bring a range of serious risks to health and quality of life.

The eating problems of childhood include reluctance to eat, or to eat a normal diet for many different reasons. We will examine selective refusal, pervasive refusal, food avoidance emotional disorders as well as anorexia and bulimia in children. How can you distinguish serious eating problems from “faddy eating” that the child will grow out of?

How can you work with an overweight child and their family? This master class will seek to answer some of these questions

If you work with children and adolescents in any capacity, this workshop will be suitable for you.

The programme

Venue: London

Next Date: We do  not yet have a date; please email if you are interested

Price: £495.00



Deanne Jade              Deanne Jade

Will offer perspectives on the support for and treatment of obesity in children and adolescents.


Prof Paul Gately          Professor Paul Gately

Holds a degree in Sports Science, a Masters in Human Nutrition and a Doctorate. He developed the Carnegie Leeds Programme, residential intervention for the treatment of overweight and obese children. Paul has also presented a number of television programmes on childhood obesity and is a regular contributor on radio, television and in the press. He has been a contributor to the International Obesity Task Force/World Health Organisation’s report on childhood obesity, as well as being a consultant to many government agencies, health organisations and corporations throughout the UK and internationally.

What you will learn

How to assess and work with a child with weight problems

  • How to help their family
  • What interventions may be unhelpful
  • How to identify eating problems in a child
  • How to work with a child with eating problems
  • Motivational techniques for younger children


Who may attend

This training is suitable for professionals who work with children in any clinical setting and who wish to broaden their understanding and professional skills with the eating difficulties of childhood.