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There is much written about the psychology of colour and the effect it can have on our mood and state of mind. Here’s a spirit-boosting photo collage of our five favourite colour palettes at the moment and the emotions they are invoking in us.

If, like us, you’re trying your best to curb your wanderlust by scrolling through beautiful images from around the world online, take a moment to reflect on how the colours you’re seeing are influencing how you’re feeling.


The colour of the ocean and the sky; blue calms and conveys serenity. It encourages rest and can be effective to help deep relaxing sleep. Blue can also balance hyperactivity in children, and promotes imagination and intuitive thinking.


The colour of harmony and reassurance; green invokes renewal, refreshment, balance and peace. It promises of growth and it feels secure. Green can be used to restore energy and is an effective stress reducer.


The brightest on the spectrum; yellow is the colour of optimism and happiness. It promotes creative and upbeat thinking. Sparking mental clarity, inspiration and vitality, yellow can be helpful in easing downheartedness and encouraging laughter.

Pastel shades

Less saturated than primary colours; pastel shades are light, soft and soothing. Cool tones like baby blue, lilac and mint particularly have a relaxing and inviting effect. Pared back neutrals such as white and grey feel above all peaceful and healing.

Bright tones

Strong, bold and neon shades can have a powerful effect. Bright colours are energising and will make you more alert. They’ll grab your attention, can be super stimulating and bring about excitement.

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